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Dear students,

Study is very important and useful for the students and their best future because you know very well that today’s time is very tough and competition  is very hard on every step and in every field and you know very well that today English language is very important in every field. If you have more degree and more experience but you haven’t any knowledge of English speaking, you can’t achieve your goal. So you should be very careful for English Speaking from the starting.

So we are trying to learn the English language/speaking by the easiest way or method to the students who are studying in X or XII class. First of all we will try to teach the student some grammar topic which has in syllabus of X or XII class.

Class: XII

Grammar Topic

CBSE and Raj. Board

1. Tense

2. Direct Indirect Narration

3. Active Passive Voice

4. Determiners

5. Modal

6. Conjunction

You can clear your grammatical error part by the study of above topic which are given according to your syllabus.

If you have any problem to understand the any topic of English grammar, You can ask about your problem in comment box.